Join the Partnership for a Webinar Series, Community Care Hubs: Making Social Care Happen

Join the Partnership for a Webinar Series, Community Care Hubs: Making Social Care Happen

We know that among health systems, healthcare providers, and health insurers, the importance of addressing SDOH — particularly for those with complex care needs — has come into sharp focus.

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The Partnership to Align Social Care is a cross-sector effort to co-design a multi-faceted strategy to enable successful partnerships between healthcare organizations and networks of CBOs, or Community Care Hubs. 

But, what is a Community Care Hub? Why is this model part of an important evolution toward achieving an equitable health and social care ecosystem? Join the Partnership and health and social care sector leaders for an upcoming webinar series to dive into these topics.

  • The next webinar in the series, Integrating Community Care Hubs into Efforts to Address SDOH: A Playbook for State Medicaid Agencies, will be Friday, November 18 @ 2-3 p.m. ET. During this event,  Manatt Health and the Partnership to Align Social Care, joined by a panel of Medicaid, CCH, and health plan representatives will discuss on-the-ground experiences and share insights with state Medicaid agencies and others seeking to partner with Community Care Hubs (CCHs) to integrate community-based organizations (CBOs) more effectively into their social drivers of health (SDOH) initiatives.

Partnership Leaders Featured on Bright Spots in Healthcare Podcast

On October 20, Partnership Co-Chairs June Simmons and Tim McNeill, along with health plan and system industry leaders, joined the Bright Spots in Healthcare Podcast to discuss the value of co-designing health and social care.

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During the conversation, Partnership Co-Chairs and healthcare thought leaders discussing integrating social care into healthcare delivery and the need for the organized delivery of social care services along with care coordination through a multi-stakeholder health and social care ecosystem, as part of a whole-person approach to health.

The full video recording is available on YouTube:

Featured Panelists and Partnership to Align Social Care Members:

  • Sherry Novick, Community Health Lead, Social Health Practice, Kaiser Permanente
  • Ji Im, Senior Director for Community and Population Health, CommonSpirit Health
  • June Simmons, CEO and President, Partners in Care Foundation
  • Tim McNeill, COO, Freedmen’s Health