Join the Partnership for Contracting to Align Health and Social Care Ecosystems: A Webinar Series Sharing Leading Practices

Healthcare entities and social services providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of partnerships among historically siloed sectors to address health-related social needs (HRSNs). While the number of community-based organizations (CBOs) and community care hubs (CCHs) pursuing contracting relationships with healthcare organizations is increasing, CBOs and CCHs can experience challenges entering into contracting arrangements with the healthcare sector.

Join the Partnership to Align Social Care, the Aging and Disability Business Institute, and Camden Coalition for a webinar series offering a deep dive into leading contracting practices to effectively and efficiently address HRSNs. In each webinar, we will focus on the essential elements of contracting between health care and community partners and feature leading practices from the field. Each event will also highlight key findings from a four-part toolkit, Healthcare Guide to Contracting with CBOs, developed with extensive input from CBOs, health plans, and health systems. While these resources were developed for a healthcare audience, CBOs, CCHs, and other health and social care ecosystem stakeholders will benefit from understanding how healthcare organizations approach the contracting process.

Attendees will gain:

  • Guidance on designing a payment structure/model that aligns contracting parties around shared goals and produces value for each party (Oct. 10 @ 2 ET);
  • Recommendations on how to develop an effective Scope of Work, based on insights from healthcare organizations and CBOs with extensive cross-sector contracting experience (Nov. 14 @ Noon ET);
  • Insight on how payers can improve collaboration with CBOs and strategies to anticipate, avoid, and respond to common challenges that arise when CBOs, CCHs, and payers set out to work together (Dec. 12 @ Noon ET); and
  • Perspective from CBO and healthcare leaders highlighting leading practices from community and health care partners that have effectively contracted to address HRSNs for multiple populations.

Registrants will receive access to all three webinars. All registrants will receive the recordings and follow-up resources. Register here:

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Aetna CVS Health
Luke Barnhill, Manager of Strategic Planning Sun Ha Lee, Senior Director, National Network Management

Jennifer Raymond, Chief Strategy Officer

Pamme Lyons-Taylor, VP/Chief Community Health Officer

Chris Swigon, Director of Strategic Affairs

Lisa Watkins, Health Policy Director

Bay Aging
Kathy Vesley, President & CEO

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Mark Humowiecki, Senior Director

Natasha Dravid, Senior Director for Care Management and Redesign Initiatives

Margaux Bigelow, Program Assistant

Julie Lawrence, CEO

Health Care Transformation Task Force
Josh Traylor, Senior Director

Houston Health Department
Deborah Moore, Bureau Chief

National Association of Medicaid Directors
Lindsey Browning, Director of Medicaid Programming

Ohio Association of AAAs
Larke Recchie, Chief Executive Officer

Social Current
Jane Pirsig, Consultant

Linda Goldsworthy, Vice President Strategic Community Partnerships Care Modernization & Innovation

Marisa Scala-Foley, Director, Aging and Disability Business Institute

Paul Cantrell, Consultant

Western NY Integrated Care Collaborative
Nikki Kmicinski, Executive Director

Winona Health
Jessica Remington, Associate Vice President, Business Development