Co-designing a social care delivery system

Through collaboration and co-design, the Partnership aims to enable and support efficient and sustainable ecosystems needed to provide individuals with holistic, equitable, community-focused, and person-centered care. The Partnership includes senior leaders from community-based organizations, health plans, health systems, national associations, and federal agencies.

The Partnership aims to align with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center Strategy Refresh and supports health and community-centered social care delivery system transformation that enables value-based care.

Our Work

Collaboratively, Partnership members, subject-matter experts and thought leaders will identify and address priority issues that are essential to a fully aligned health and social care system that incorporates the vital voice of the community. Core priority issues include:

  1. Identifying core competencies and an approach for qualifying CBO networks;
  2. Encouraging widespread use of existing and proposed billing codes;
  3. Developing a streamlined contracting process between health systems, payers, and CBOs;
  4. Promoting common IT security and interoperability standards; and
  5. Enabling organization and financing strategies for sustainable CBO network infrastructures and lifting up current best practices among CBO networks
  6. Producing a framework that reflects a balanced, common vision for achieving and sustaining an “ideal state” of health and social care alignment.