The workgroup will prepare the following deliverables for submission to the Coordinating Committee:

  1. A lexicon of agreed upon key terms and definitions
  2. A detailed set of standards for CCH competencies, standards, and prerequisites for CCH recognition that incorporates stakeholder and end user feedback
  3. Written documentation of the recommendations to formally recognize and promote the development of networks led by qualified CCHs
  4. Written documentation of guidance to establish qualified CCHs and how to recruit, qualify, and prepare Network members.
  5. Written guidance to advance adoption by payers and public entities of CCH standards and CCH-led network model.
  6. White paper addressing standards, recognition strategies, and implementation
  7. Guide for CBOs to establish CBO network led by qualified CCH.
  8. Template for Letter of Intent distributed to health plans and health systems to memorialize the commitment of each to contract with CCHs for social care delivery


September 2022

Aetna CVS Health
Joe Swisher, Executive Director of Corporate Care Management

Jennifer Raymond, Chief Strategy Officer

American Academy of Family Physicians
Todd Moore, Program Strategist, Center for Diversity and Health Equity

American Hospital Association
Nancy Myers, Vice President, Leadership & System Innovation

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Kathleen Noonan, Chief Executive Officer

CommonSpirit Health
Ji Im, Senior Director, Community and Population Health

Elevance Health
Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy and Advocacy Chris Swigon, Director of Strategic Affairs

Houston AAA/ADRC
Paula Johnson, Director, Area Agency on Aging of Harris County

Humana Kathleen Emdee,
Population Health Strategy Lead

Kaiser Permanente
Sherry Novick, Thrive Local Community Health Lead

Mid-America Regional Council
James Stowe, Director, Aging and Adult Services

Partners in Care Foundation
Ester Sefilyan, Vice President, Network Services

Spectrum Generations
Gerard Queally, President & CEO

Trinity Health
Maureen Pike, Director, Social and Clinical Care Integration

Marisa Scala-Foley, Director, Aging and Disability Business Institute

YMCA of the USA
Heather Hodge, Senior Director, Community Health