Community Care Hubs: Making Social Care Happen

When CBOs organize into a social care delivery system to partner with healthcare organizations with the purpose of implementing sustainable, equitable, and scalable interventions to address social drivers of health (SDOH), the organization that assumes the lead role within that CBO network is the Community Care Hub (CCH). However, several important questions remain:

  • What is a Community Care Hub?
  • Why is this model part of an important evolution toward achieving an equitable health and social care ecosystem? 
  • Where are examples of successful existing Community Care Hubs?

Explore these answers and more via resources developed by, and in collaboration with, the Partnership to Align Social Care.

Community Care Hub Resources

We know that among health systems, healthcare providers, and health insurers, the importance of addressing SDOH–particularly for those with complex care needs–has come into sharp focus. The Partnership has developed–and will continue to update–a number of resources to provide background, best-practices, and the value proposition of enabling successful partnerships between healthcare organizations and networks of CBOs, or Community Care Hubs.


Also, coming soon from the Partnership to Align Social Care Community Care Hub Workgroup:

  • Talking about equitable health and social ecosystems: A guide for clear and effective language

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